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This review applies to version 6.0. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

The Tectia Client/Server solution secures data-in-transit without the need for any modification to applications, infrastructure, and with no disruptions to the experience.

Fast-track to cost-effective security and compliance

An intuitive GUI allows for easy local configuration of secure terminal access, file transfer, application tunneling, authentication, encryption and access settings, for rapid deployment.

This solution offers support for multiple platforms, including Unix, Linux, and Windows as well as IBM z/OS and Linux on IBM system z. Customers benefit from a cost-effective, unified, and expandable file-transfer and security platform. Easy to manipulate, this program is designed specially for you. So try it now! You will never regret this choice.

What's new in version 6.0

- AIX: Added support for AIX 7.1 to Tectia Client, Tectia Server and Tectia

- All platforms: The behavior of the sftpg3 command "ls -l" has been changed.
Now it behaves in the same way as "ls z".

- All platforms: The behavior of logging in a user without a defined password
has been changed.

- z/Linux: Added support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0 on z/Linux to Tectia
Client, Tectia Server and Tectia ConnectSecure.

- All platforms: Added support for SHA-2 in agent forwarding.

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